Hot muggy farm days!

Muggy, hot days makes the animals super grumpy!  What do I see when I look out the window? They are nipping and pushing each other with fur and feathers flying high up into the steamy air! The llamas are head butting the horse and donkey, so they in turn are picking on the goats more than usual which makes the goats take out their frustrations on the ducks, that makes the ducks chase the chickens trying to pluck out their tail feathers! They are having a gang fight out in the middle of the pasture without guns or knives (thank goodness). That means, I gotta go out there, break up the fight without being trampled, pushed, nipped or spit on by an angry llama! Most of the time when they are living up to their nickname…the naughty’s, I can just open the front door, make sure they see me standing there with my hands on my hips, tapping my foot in anger, they will straighten up, walk away from each other and go back to their assigned corner of the pasture! But not on muggy days like today. They are hot, sweaty and miserable which gives them the Jeckle-Hyde personalities. Maybe,  I’ll put the sprinkler out there, they like that, especially the ducks.  They can run through the water, splash in the puddle and drink the cool well water!


Another fun memory that popped up.


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