Mucking the barn with a donkey!

Well, today we had 4 strong, high school boys come out and muck the barn.  It was yucky!  I kinda felt bad for them because Dunkay spent the entire 5 hours with them.  He followed them out of the barn to dump the muck, and back into the barn with his nose stuck in somebody’s  side or face.  When I was out there, Dunkay grabbed their sack of water and walked away with it.  I yelled at him to bring it back but he’s an ‘ass’ and trotted away with it even faster.  One of the boys ran after him and got to play tug of war with a donkey! Dunkay won the first round. Of course I didn’t have my camera…grrrrr.  After they were done for the day, they gathered up their gear to leave, some of it was way out in the pasture where Dunkay carried it.  It took about 6 min to find a baseball cap. Chad found it, handed it to the young man and said…”here it is, it’s still in good shape but now has permanent donkey teeth imprints”.   We all looked over at Dunkay to show him our disapproval and I swear he was smiling! He ruled and he knew it!!


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