Heated llamas

Yep…it’s hot out there. The animals are cranky, mad, irritable and downright nasty. There is one, almost cool spot on the farm and that’s our back porch.

The concrete is cool, there’s a non stop breeze and it’s close to the bird seed. What more can a large animal ask for?? Currently we have 3 llamas and an alpaca squeezed in the coveted spot that is big enough for one small goat. I would think with all that fur and sitting so close, it would raise the temp by another 20 degrees! But no…they are crammed in there so tight, they look like a rug! I can hear an occasional grunt, see spit fly past the window and hear a thump whenever one gets knocked off the porch!  If I was a nice farm mommy, I would chase them off so they could cool off in the heat. But I don’t, because it would only last for about 8 seconds. I’m sure that as soon as I closed the door, they would gallop back for the cool spot. No sense of me going out in that heat to chase a llama or three!!


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