Sale day!

Well, it’s sale day. I’m up, chads up, the dogs are really up, the rooster has been up for HOURS already,  and my son Kyle will be shortly to get his barn lecture on who gets a treat and who should spend the day in the naughty corner…I think we all know who that is! Poor Kyle…every time we do a sale…he stays here and babysits. You never know what animal is going to harass another while we’re gone. I don’t need folks freaking out going past the farm because there’s a donkey kicking at a llama, or a goat head butting a kitty, or 4 llamas having a spitting contest at the chickens, or Laci our mini tank playing dead in the front pasture as the neighbouring birds perch on her perfectly still body! Nope…I don’t need that at all. I want the farm to be quiet and peaceful while we’re gone.

Haha Haha! That won’t happen! I can already see them out there huddled together, coming up with a plan on how to get around Kyle and do what they want, when they want, and how. I think I’ll sprinkle Holy water on my son before I leave and pray for his safety, sanity, and wish him good luck as I run out the door!


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