Family coming!

Oh boy. We have family from KS visiting today!  Which means I make the animals get into tip top shape for the entire day.  Everyone has been given their list of do and don’ts for the day.

#1 most important….they are not to fight, bicker, push, shove, steal from each other or gang up on the goats.

#2 they will clean up which includes, brushing out the burrs, washing manes and tails and polishing hooves.

#3  they will greet all humans with smiles, nodding of head that shows love, and greet them with sloppy kisses, very sloppy, wet kisses.

#4 they will make each  family member a card or present, without using poop, dirty hay or chicken feathers.

#5 they will be so good that nobody will believe that these are the Addie Acre animals.

Now….will they follow it? Of course they will, I have the grain!!!!


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