I never have my camera handy when I really need it!  Lincoln was standing at the fence doing his loud, shrill, warning call.  I looked around but didn’t see any strange dogs, cats, or any other furry critter who didn’t belong on the farm. So I followed his gaze and saw a beautiful deer standing outside our property line. She was getting ready to run across the road when she stopped and spotted Lincoln our alpaca. I think she thought he was cute because she stood there gazing at him with those big beautiful brown, doe eyes with the long lashes!  She winked, he did his warning call. She flirted, he yelled louder. She nodded her head, he…that’s right…yelled more. I’m standing there scratching my head trying to figure out if she’s nuts or if he is! They look the same, they’re the same color and height, he’s handsome, she’s beautiful…it could work. He kept yelling, she kept flirting and I kept scratching my head until Biscuit came galloping towards us barking at the deer, which made her run. Too bad, I could have had a new daughter in law…sorta speak!!


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