The pickle

I learned something new today, goats don’t like pickles. I thought they ate everything including tin cans! I gave Dillon a kosher pickle and he wallowed it around in his mouth, spit it out, stared at it, picked up the now slimy pickle again, took a little bite, squished it between his gums and tossed it out of his mouth once more. He then squinted at me like, ‘how dare you give me that horrid thing’ and trotted away.  Before I could throw it away, Biscuit ran up, grabbed it and galloped away with Mr pickle because he thought it was something yummy.  He spit it out in front of Bouncer who then grabbed it and ran with it.  Last I saw, the donkey was running with it towards the barn. Who knows where it’s at now!


True story…Scouts Honor!!


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