The boot

It’s funny how the animals know when there’s something different about you.  Because of my hurt ankle, I have to wear a big boot that makes me limp and look goofy (can you believe that???), it makes everyone living in the barn curious about that ‘strange’ contraption that mom wears on her foot.  The first time I dragged my aching foot that was squeezed inside the big plastic boot, out to the barn, they  all stopped eating (what!!?) and looked at me limping towards them.  The goats ran behind the chicken coop shaking in fear, the horse shrugged her shoulders and went back to what she does best, eat….the llamas ran in circles, bumping into each other…the chickens stopped clucking and stared in horror and Dunkay, well he ran over to me, looked me up, down and sideways, then tried to chew my boot! Luckily I had my cane, so I bopped him over the head with it to make him stop, I didn’t want to fall, possibly hurting the other ankle!  He looked up, thinking I wAnted to play, so he did a little dance, turned in a circle, pushed his behind up to me, and demanded a butt scratch!

Me and the clumsy boot am now old news to all the furry creatures, they don’t care about my pain and suffering or that I wear a boot that is bigger than their heads. They just want to be fed, now…right now!  I hear them loud and clear…”stop limping, hurry up and feed us NOW”!!!!


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