Signing to llamas!

As most of you know…I sing to my animals. The dogs, chickens, turkey’s and yes, the llamas. I even have, on film, singing to the hens. Well, tonight when I got home from taking sunset pics, it was dark. I went around our little drive, stopped the Jeep, rolled down the window and sang my llama, llama, llama song because they were all standing there. I got done singing to the animals, put my Jeep in drive to go up the drive when I saw someone standing there. He was taking a night stroll complete with reflectors on his shirt and a flashlight.  I didn’t know he was there. If I did, I would not have sat there singing to my llamas!! I’m glad he couldn’t see me because I’m sure I was as red as my Jeep!  I think this neighbor falls under, “I love this farm, you never know what they’re gonna do next”!!

Yep, the funny farm.  True story.

Part 2…

OH MY GOSH! I’m not kidding…my dogs just barreled out the front door and are acting like rapid dogs at the fence! Guess who is walking past the farm!? Yep…the guy who was strolling past earlier who heard my llama song! First he hears the crazy farm lady singing to her llamas in the dark and now there are 3 dogs barking and running along the fence as he walks back home! I think he went to the ‘I hate that farm’ category !


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