Limping to the barn

Another fun memory from 2 years ago…


I  limped out to the barn today to see all the chicks and kittens that I haven’t been able to check on as much, because of my super duper sprained ankle that now lives inside a boot that is bigger than Laci’s head!  And its a good thing I went out there!  Laci our mini tank and Dunkay the donkey, broke through to the main part of the barn and somehow shut themselves inside.  Oh no….what did they do???  They knocked over the kitty box, ate a brand new bag of cat food, knocked off buckets, and other items from the work bench and destroyed the little area that is off limits to all creatures! There they stood, at the small gate that was shut looking at me with, ‘I didn’t do any of it, he/she did it all by him/herself’ eyes!! They knew they were in trouble and hung their heads in shame…or more like, ‘tee hee, we got away with it again’!


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