Walking past the farm!

My neighbors, they either love us or hate us…no in between.

There is an older gentleman who walks his 2 adorable, tiny fluff balls past the farm every week. I’m not sure what kind of dogs they are because he usually runs past before my animals large and small, can see them, so the pups are a blur.  For some reason, he didn’t run past the farm…he walked them, on our side no less!! Well…that was his first mistake.  Biscuit our Pit, saw them and ran to the fence barking in his deep voice as Chippie and his high pitched, annoying Chihuahua bark, ran close behind. His two tiny puff balls saw our dogs running and thought they would show Biscuit and Chippie that they are not afraid of some big ol Pit, or a pipsqueak Chihuahua! They jumped, barked, squirmed, and strained on their leashes towards my dogs.

Mistake #2…he stopped to gain control of his puff balls. So that gave them the opportunity to run in circles around his legs barking. The poor guy. He has my 2 ding bats acting like rapid dogs at the fence, and his two smaller than cats, fluffy and puffy,  are playing cowboy and Indians by tying up his legs. He looked like a puppet master with his strings, working to untangle, separate the dogs and free himself as my pups are galloping back and forth yapping! He got himself free and dragged now 2 over excited fluffs down the street who were still straining against their leashes barking. He got as far as the pasture where the llamas were munching, when Lincoln our alpaca looked up, saw them now jogging past and yelled out his warning cry at them.  Yes…the tiny puffs got excited again and barked, strained, and circled. I think this guy falls in the  ‘ I hate that farm’ category.


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