walking dunkay in the parade?

Well…we were seriously considering walking a llama or two in the parade since almost all of LP county knows about Addie Acres. We don’t think the llamas would be able to walk that far on the hard road and thousands of folks yelling would probably freak them out.

So, for 3.5 seconds, I had this bright idea that we could walk Dunkay with an Addie Acres banner draped over both sides his of back! As soon as this bright light turned on over my head…I saw this black cloud come in like a tornado and sweep it away. This is the reality I was left with…

Chad and I are walking a sparkling clean Dunkay (yes, Super Farmer gave him a bath complete with bubbles and a rubber ducky that he ate) down the road. Dunkay has a cute Addie Acres banner that goes over both sides of his back. Chad has the lead and I’m walking beside them holding Chippie as he growls. We made the mistake by following a circus act with clowns that throws candy to all the kids. Within 30 feet of walking the parade, Dunkay, (who by the way is smarter than the average bear or famer) has figured out that there is candy flying over his head and landing within inches of his now watering mouth!! He breaks away from Chad and runs to a group of happy children with sticky fingers, chewing on the delicious food that Dunkay wants…NOW! The kids are delighted to see a donkey running towards them as Super Farmer runs behind him yelling for him to stop!

Oh a disaster is about to happen!

Dunkay doesn’t want to be petted, he wants to grab every piece of candy out of the hands of little ones! He starts with the smallest, the toddlers. He grabs candy out of their shaking hands, making them cry and run to mommy. Dunkay then turns to the other kids who are freaked out and throw their sweets to him to keep him away! They too turn and run to hide behind daddy. Dunkay is now doing his vacuum cleaner act, sucking up all candy, wrappers and all! Chad catches up with the naughty animal and apologizes to the line of angry parents with upset children cowering. He pulls him away back into line before the Herald Argus gets wind of the donkey terrorizing small kids! We walk another 40 feet when Dunkay realizes that there are two clowns within eye sight that throws candy to all the kids who have pockets and bags FULL of treats! He breaks away from Chad again and chases one of the clowns down the street as the poor guy throws candy at him to make him stop! Dunkay doesn’t want a few pieces, he wants it all! The last I would see, would be a clown running past all the floats, marching bands and tiny ballerinas with a donkey a nose behind him, mouth opening and closing like a machine, the Addie Acres banner flapping in the wind with Super Farmer right behind yelling at Dunkay to stop! I’m sure it would all be caught on camera to become a YouTube sensation with every news station in the WORLD showing clips of the circus clown being chased by a donkey and a guy yelling at the animal about not getting grain for a year!

That’s how I imagine our walk in the parade with Dunkay to go.


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