Yard work on the farm!

Well, it’s a yard work day. This is how our typical sprucing up the farm day goes…

We spread mulch around the trees, plant new flowers, pick up loose sticks, rearrange porch furniture, mow the grass and chase animals out, around, into, and out again.

This is how our animals and feather friends see yard work day…

Newly spread mulch has been put down for the chickens and ducks! As soon as we walk away from a job well done, they all race to the fresh mulch with feathers flying and wings flapping just so they can peck away and scratch it to other parts of the yard where it doesn’t belong.  The beautiful flowers have been planted exclusively for Dillon…a gourmet snack! He eats every flower and plant leaving us with half eaten petals and chewed stems. The sticks that are now on the burn pile …off. The llamas are curious little buggers and take the branches off to see why we piled them up nice and neat to begin with. Laci is gorging herself on the freshly cut grass, eating until she’s sick which means an expensive vet bill is in the making.

The porch furniture…Dunkay…need I say more? Yep, it’s knocked over and now has permanent donkey teeth impressions embedded on each arm rest. So now it’s back to chasing animals into, out, around, and into again.  Chad and I usually stand in the middle of our yard looking at the damage with long sad faces as the llamas, Dunkay and Dillon do hoof high fives in the barn.


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