Good morning MC!


Ahhh, a crisp and clear morning with lots of sunshine and blue skies! The birds are chirping, as the flowers soak as up the golden rays on this beautiful Spring day. Perfect for an early morning jog!  Drivers nod and wave as they pass you by, your thoughts drifting to pleasant things…until you get close to ‘that place’!

Yep, there was a young woman out enjoying her early morning jog on what she thought was a picturesque country road, enjoying this sunny Spring day. Her jog turned into a full blown run as she approached the farm. Why? Because as soon as Biscuit saw her, he barrled through the door as Chippie in his high pitched yelp, followed close behind. They ran to the fence barking, falling all over each other. Lincoln our alpaca, saw a person he didn’t know, therefore, he yelled out his high pitched warning cry in the middle of the pasture which forced Dunkay to look up, making him do his “HEEEE HAAAW” because he thinks food is now coming his way. That of course stirred up the rooster to get in the action and do his “COCK-A-DOOODLE-DOOOOO” to impress the hens.  Which of course made me, the crazy farm lady come out of the house in my fluffy red puppy dog robe, and yell at everyone to shut up! So…in the 20 seconds it took for her to run, not jog…run…past the farm, she heard and saw…3 dogs barking, franticly running along the fence like ‘mad dogs’, an alpaca staring at her screaming, a donkey who sounded like he was on a bulll horn, a rooster flapping his wings as he woke up the rest of the neighbors, and a lady in a fluffy red puppy dog dog robe outside waving her arms yelling at animals to be quiet so the jogger can enjoy her peaceful run!


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