Frozen Hen!

I opened the door this morning to let the pups out to potty and there was a soaked hen standing at the back door. Might be chick chick, not sure. Poor thing, she was dripping wet, from what? It’s snowing not raining. Any hoo….I put on my boots, followed 3 yapping dogs out into the mini blizzard that’s blowing outside right now, to grab the wet chicken with tiny ice crystals forming on her feathers. I need to get her in the cozy dry barn.
Stupid bird, you’d think she would want me to pick her up and save her from turning into a Popsicle!!! Nope, she ran into the kids play area with me running behind her in my pink Jammie’s, my white & blue polka dot robe flapping behind me from the wind and blowing snow. I chased her around the tiny area littered with toys for about 10 seconds, she ran under the slide and that’s when I decided this really isn’t something I want….every car passing the farm to slow down so the folks inside could get a good laugh or roll their eyes as they shake their heads thinking, ‘there she goes again’!
I left her shivering under the slide. This is a job for Super Farmer, besides, it’ll make for a funny short film on the life of Chad and his frozen hen!!!
Camera…action…run Super Farmer run!!!
chicke, bisk chip chad movie 030


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