New Roosters, oh boy!!

Our hens hatched 13 chicks this summer. Little yellow puff balls running around after the mamas, learning how to be chickens. They were hatched a few days after my Tribble Addie (read his stories on facebook) was run over by a driver who didn’t bother to stop. The fluffs are now full grown chickens and of course, we have at least two new roosters, possibly three. The last 4 or 5 days now, they have been learning how to crow. They start about 2am and keep up the, ‘I’m better than you’ contest until about 1am the next morning.
Today I saw them squaring up, feathers ruffled, strutting in circles around each other as the hens watched, swooning over the young bucks. They pecked at each other, jumped and squeaked out their adolescent voices as they showed off their manly stuff to the ladies. I however, was not impressed. It makes me anxious to know that two males will be trying to protect the flock as soon as they grow into maturity after bird hormones kick in. We already had one problem rooster years ago who we named Lucifer. He would run full speed toward us, then attack ninja style! Feet sideways as he sliced through the air with eyes glaring with hatred for all humans. We got rid of him. He met Mr Axe who shows no mercy. Now we have two more males that I will be showing Mr Axe to as I gleefully tell them about poor lucifer who was not spared because of his bad attitude!


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