Oh My Aching Back

I love the farm but right now I hurt. I bent down slightly to pick up a book off my chair and my lower back went ‘snap’. Boy does it hurt, I can barley walk. And what do I have to do??? Go to the barn and feed the natives. They gotta be fed. Part of having a small farm is you can’t take a sick day. Kyle is gone for a few days, Super Farmer is at his real job so that leaves me and all of them. Wouldn’t be so bad if there wasn’t deep snow to try to step through and animals who will surround me demanding food as soon as I get out there! On the other hand, I believe if I fall down in the middle of the pasture and can’t get back up, they will pick me up, carry me to the barn, keep me warm and watch over me! Loyalty Dunkay, Laci and various furry friends…I demand loyalty!!!


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