Barn Trouble…AGAIN!

oh what fun it is in the barn! The natives were restless today and broke through the inside pen! They managed, with little effort I’m sure, to knocked over 4 or 5 bales of hay which weigh around 50lbs. They also knocked over some cages and destroyed at least two hay mounds! Best part of all? Laci the mini tank got herself stuck behind the knocked down hay and cages, she could not get out of the corner. Since Super Farmer is working, I had to dig my way to her to set her free. Of course the thought crossed my mind to leave her there as punishment but she would only eat her way out which would make her sick. So…after chasing one donkey and a llama out of the forbidden area, I worked on setting little Miss Naughty free. Yes, I have it on film. I’m getting better at remembering to take my camera with me. My intent was to take pictures of baby Promise.IMG_8109


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