The V.E.T.

part 1)

Today I need to be careful and not let the natives know that the V.E.T. Is coming by today to say hello and maybe give a shot or something to a few lucky animals. I need to keep everyone tucked inside the barn so they don’t see dr Smiths truck roll up. As soon as they eyeball that white Ford, one will give out a long drawn out war cry, then they will high tail it to different parts of the pasture or they hide under bushes (goats). Last time poor dr smith came, it took us an hour to catch, take down, give meds and concur all living creatures great and small! Doc charged me an extra $60 bucks for all the running Around he had to do! He ain’t no spring chicken anymore and neither am I.

part 2)

I’m now ready for Dr smith! All animals were tricked into the barn with promises of a handful of tasty goat grain and assurance that ‘no…nothing’s going on today, like a vet visit…really’! They are all shut in waiting for the doc who they probably have a good ideal is coming. After all…They’ve been down this trail before and being shut in with no escape door, usually means one thing….SHOTS!
Before I left, I noticed that both goats were fighting for the tiny hiding space behind the chicken coop, Dunkay was pushing Laci away from the corner by the hay where he thinks he could squeeze into to hide, and all llamas were pacing back and forth. Amazing how they know these things!

part 3)

Oh such fun! The mountain goat acted like she was dying after her shot! She ran all over the barn screaming, jumping and pushing the other animals! She then laid on her back with all 4 feet in the air in a corner yelling out her pain! Larry took ahold of her back leg and pulled her out telling her she’s okay. She wasn’t buying it. She yelled louder and went back to the corner and hid. Oh brother. Dillon took his shot like a man and only yelped once. Laci the tank stood there in a trance, Dunkay put up a small fit but was a good boy. Lincoln the alpaca stood in the corner next to our trash can with his head buried between the wall and blue container cowering. Doc got him before he knew what stuck him! Sammie, ran back and forth until doc got him roped (get em cowboy!). Sweetie & Violet were very good girls even with the baby, which by the way, is a BOY! Promise is very healthy! He said we should have no problem with him being in the cold as long as the wind is off of him!! Doc is 95% positive that Violet is with child, he felt her middle and said she is filling out like a pregnant mama!! Another baby llama coming!! He has no idea when the bundle of fur will be arriving. He said if one girl was pregnant than its almost a given that other one is too! The animals can now rest until spring when Dr Smith comes back for a repeat visit!


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