Dunkay the donkey & Santa!

CRASH! BANG! That is what I woke up to early this morning! I knew it wasn’t the dogs, Isaac and leAnna went home last night, so it’s not the ‘baby’ getting into things. Chad is at work. So what the heck!!??  I look out my window to see if the naughties managed to bring the barn down, which wouldn’t surprise me at all. Nope…barn is still standing, although it looks to be leaning to one side.  The goats are in their usual spot staring at the house and the Tank stands in the middle of the door guarding it, nobody in, nobody out!  So I look out another upstairs window. Dunkay!  He was on my porch pushing around the the plastic, 4 foot tall, light up Santa! He got it off the porch and was shoving it with his nose, down the sidewalk.  I knocked on the window and yelled at him through the glass.  He stopped, put his head up, looked around and then proceeded to play with Mr Claus! I wasn’t about to go out there wearing my polka dot robe and chase a donkey back into the pasture.  As of right now, he is still out there with Santa in the driveway as he plays with poor Mr Frosty.


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