Cold and Demanding Animals!


The wind chill right now is 7!  Yep, makes me want to go run out to the barn and face shivering animals! More and likely, they will all circle me with their list of demands such as….’when do WE get a heater? How about more grain to keep up our body fat? We want more straw to snuggle into? When are you going to plug up the holes to keep the wind out? How come the chickens get a flock block and not us? Do we get coats like the baby llama? Why Not? Don’t you love us too?’ and so on… I will have to answer all questions with a shaking head, a push here and there, a lecture about how they are animals not humans (which they don’t believe) and this is as good as it gets, be thankful! Then I face the chickens who I’m sure have their own list of complaints….like….’how come THEY get straw to snuggle into and not us?’
Feed…water…lecture and I’m outta there


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