Mailman…Pit Bull. Hummmmm…what do you think happened??

Our mailman had to come up to the house today, not sure why, I couldn’t get to the door in time. I saw him walk through the gate and stop, dead in his tracks, eyes wide as he looked towards the back of the house. I flung back the curtain so I could see what it was…a black, 60 lb Pit came running full speed towards him. Mr mailman turned around and fumbled with the gate to get it opened as the speeding terror got closer. I was yelling from the up stairs bedroom, with window closed, “it’s okay, he’s friendly”!! The poor guy couldn’t get the gate open in time. Biskapit caught him with tail wagging, licks and kisses being given as the guy stood there covering his head with his arms, letters falling out of his shaking hands. Biskapit noticed our variety of mail dropping to the ground, grabbed a few and ran back towards the house as my mailman turned around and fell out the gate! I kept yelling through the glass, “it’s okay…friendly…don’t’ worry”!!.
I should’ve had some fun and said, “it’s okay as long as you don’t move or make eye contact”!!
The frightened guy got into his truck, sped down the driveway and Biscuit brought me my mail with teeth marks, dripping in slobber. I wonder who they’ll send tomorrow?

Just another day at Addie Acres!


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