Super Farmer and Cords

I spent most of the day yesterday getting all of our animals heated dishes and water bins filled and placed inside pens. I hear there’s a big dip in the temperature coming tonight, there’s nothing worse or more annoying than going out to the barn in 50 below weather, to find a large animal or two with their tongues stuck on frozen water!  There were two extension cords that looked a little suspicious to me, so I did what every caring, loving farm wife does…send the hubby out in the dark to plug em in as soon as he gets home from a long, hard day at work!  Yep, I sent Super Farmer Chad out to the barn with instructions to make sure that the little red light turns on between the plugs. He was grumbling something about ‘if im not back in 20 min call 911’ as he went out the back door in dress shoes and tie. I quickly looked over our insurance papers to make sure we were paid up!  I then watched from the window to see if there was going to be an unusual glow coming from the barn.
No fire, no explosions, no yelling of choice words…so far, so good!. He was gone for more than 20 min.  I was getting ready to go out in the sleeting rain to save him when he walked through the door with a deep frown on his face. He told me the naughty’s pushed down the main gate to the section where we store the hay and were eating themselves sick.  They managed to knock over tables, bins, destroy a chicken nest or two, and so forth!  So Super Farmer had to chase them all out, fix the gate and plug in heaters without staring a fire!  Also, Biskapit was outside and Chad didn’t know it….he said he saw this huge black object come running towards him from behind a tree.  Chad yelled and waved his arms at the dangerous terror out of fright which in turn, scared the dog (big bad Pit) so much that he turned around, yelped, running back to the house to have mommy save him.  yes, I fixed Chad some dinner afterwards. Welcome home Super Farmer!!


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