The Pitbull Bark


Reason #48 why the neighbors avoid the crazy farm down the road….

I let our 60 lb Pit outside to do his duty and I see him standing at the corner of the fence staring towards the road, like a statue, not moving…looking, waiting….for what? I look down the street and there is a nicely dressed lady with two small dogs walking down the street towards our house…oh oh.
As she gets closer, Biskapit crouches a little. She and her cute little brown and white fluffs are now within sight of Bisk. He barks, they stop, He barks more, they cross the street. She starts to walk faster, he runs along the fence line barking. He followed them all the way to the end of yard (tail wagging). Great, now the rumor will be there is a vicious attack Pit on the farm….what they don’t know, is if they came over and yelled “BOO” at him, he would run and hide behind Bouncer, the 20lb rat terrier!!!


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