Donkey On My Shoulder

Oh my gosh!!! This was so cute!! I was filling up the water bin that we have in our back yard for the animals when they are allowed out there to munch. Both horses, the donkey and two llamas were all gathered around the bin waiting for it to fill with clean, fresh water. So I pulled up a plastic green chair, setting it about 5 feet away, watching them, hoping for a show, actually to make sure there wasn’t going to be any fighting among the natives. Dunkay came up to me and I’m not kidding, he put his head on my arm and stood there with his big ol donkey head laying on me. I sat there rubbing his nose, softly talking to him. He then lifted his head up and rested it on my shoulder! We were almost nose to nose. He just stood there with me, watching the water fill up, his head on my shoulder. It brought tears to my eyes cause these are the reasons why I love my animals and farm so much! I am blessed to be able to go out on a beautiful, warm Fall day and sit with large animals who amuse me and half of La Porte county with their goofy actions and personalities. So I sat there with my donkey, his head on my shoulder as Chippie curled up on my lap. Together we watched Sparky and Laci push each other out of the way, trying to be the first to one to drink….by the way, they were so busy shoving each other, that Lincoln snuck in there and got the first swallow,
good for you, you sneaky Alapca!!
I am so blessed that my cup overflows!!


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