Chad Chasing Horses in Blizzard!

lets see, what was the most fun today??  Oh yeah, this is good….I was in the house when I heard Chad yelling out my name over and over. I look out the window to see Dunkay running past the garage headed to back yard. I quickly put on my coat and hat that I just peeled off to find Chad chasing 2 horses and a donkey away from the open gate that leads to the road! I go around the Jeep and Dunkay is coming back to greet me, happy to be playing. Chad is running towards the other two as I sprint past him to guard the gate.  He loudly calls out his famous “Yee Haw” farmer yell, encouraging both horses to run in the direction of the barn.  It didn’t work, they circled around the half buried car and maple tree, eyeing the wide opening that leads to freedom.  I spread out my arms and do my baseball catchers stance as they run in my direction! Following close behind is Chad, arms out stretched, stomping clumsily through 18″ of blowing snow in his green, heavy one piece winter suit! Oh the fun!  I successfully kept them from storming the gate!  Dunkay and I stood together watching daddy chase his sisters around and around!! After about 5 min, the horses had enough of the blizzard and went back to the cozy warmth of the barn! Chad now panting, grumbled under his breath as I walked past him with Dunkay putting him in the barn with no problem. WOO-HOO!

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