Pink (Carhart) Nightmare

I’ve noticed that it takes me approx. 4min to get ready for the outside world! I layer my clothes and socks then tackle my pink Carhart overalls, jacket, matching hat, gloves and boots that takes me forever to struggle on. I pull, zip, push down, squeeze into and wrap an itchy scarf around my head again and again! The famous Christmas Story scene is now being played out inside my house…you know, where little Randy is all bundled up and he can hardly move and his arms won’t go down?? Ralphie has to help him walk to school and get back up when he falls.  Yep, that’s me in this 25 BELOW wind chill weather! If I fall, I’m a goner! As I head for the barn, I repeat…”I Love these animals, I love these animals, I love these animals!”

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