Goat In House

Today, I got home from the store and was taking my many sacks of groceries into the house when I felt a bump on my leg as a black and white furry blob brushed past me into the house. The stupid goat wanted to see my kitchen and demand food! I had to quickly put my sacks down on the floor where they don’t belong and began yelling my favorite animal word, “NO”!  She turned around and blinked at me with a confused look on her face. “Helloooo….this is MY space, not yours…now, OUT”. Lucky for me, all the animals know the word OUT! She trotted past me as I held the door open with my arm out stretched pointing to the outside world. She put her head high in the air, strutted her stuff, knowing that she is the only barn animal who has successfully  made it inside the humans ‘forbidden zone’.
Yep…true story.


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