Chickens By The Road

Early morning…dogs wake me up barking, I drag my tired, half asleep bones out of the bed, go to the brick ached window, squint my now forced eyes open and what do I see?  5 or 6 chickens outside the gate standing next to the road.  I throw my hand to my head releasing a loud “why me’ sigh and get dressed as fast as I my old body will let me so I can chase birds back into our yard before a car hits them. I refuse to run out there in my red furry robe with the cute puppy dogs on it, fuzzy blue slippers and glasses! I already scare the neighbors enough with my weekly tirades running down the street waving and yelling at something bigger than myself! By the time I got out there, no chickens were standing around.  I look between the bushes, I go around the front yard, I look long & hard down both sides of the road nothing.  Of course a jeep comes down the road and slows down, nobody knows what the crazy farmer lady is going to do next, therefore it is safer to slow down to a crawl and go around her leaving 20 feet between! I smile and wave, she looks nervous and sort of waves back, I think it was a more along the lines of telling me to stay away from the vehicle! Still no chickens.  By this time every animal in the barn knows I’m up early and outside…they call to me, all of them, at once. I go to the barn and who do I see?  Yep, it’s them chickens!  All together looking at me with their heads cocked with a look of, ‘why are YOU up so early? you gonna feed us or what’? I had a vision flash before my eyes!  I saw 5 cooked chickens stuffed and ready to eat!!

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