Morning routine (wrote Oct 6th)

Go to the barn, feed the animals, fill up tubs of water, collect the eggs, step around the circling goats so you don’t trip, get to the hay bale before the donkey does, try to give 2 horses their pills as the the goats, chickens, Llamas, and donkey surround you cause you have the magic grain in your hands to hide the pills from ding & dong, fill the ducks kiddie pool as they loudly squawk, flapping their wings at you cause it’s not filling up fast enough for them, feed 5 barn kitties who are pushing each other out of the way with loud meows or should I say, screeching, clawing each others face, and last but not least, sit with the new chick-chick and fight for my cereal on the glider. As I type out my morning routine, I have 2 dogs at my feet, one on each foot and a cat purring on the tiny space on my lap, trying to swat my hands as I type…is it 10am yet???

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