Planting sticks! (wrote on Oct 8th)

I bought this huge, beautiful Hibiscus plant from Garwoods filled with pink flowers and buds!  I left it on my porch so chad could plant it in a few days, thinking it was safe and sound! Our boy Llama came up and ate 99% of the leaves and left 2 buds! I was upset. But we still planted it out front by our 6 foot tall concrete hand….I’m sure the folks passing by looked at the sticks we planted with… two flowers that bloomed the next day and wondered, ‘what the heck is with these people’? I think we are the only folks ever, that has planted a bush of sticks that had 5 leaves and two huge flowers on it!  I should have taken a picture of it! As the saying goes…’Only At Addie Acres’!  I’m gonna write a book about life on the farm…never a dull moment!

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