Friday sounds and sights on the farm (wrote on Oct 4th)

Morning sounds and sights on this Friday.  Starts before 7am….Isaac my 3 yr old grandson at the side of my bed greeting me with, “Hi Baba”….Dunkay knowing there is life inside the house that he stares at most of the day with an occasional “HEE-HAAAAAW”, the goats who never, ever, never shut up while stalking the house for signs of people cause they are starving to death 24 hours a day, the rooster who has his days and nights mixed up most of the time, the 20+ hens laying eggs with extremely loud ‘egg passage’ cries  at the same time, the kitties discovering each other on their private territory, the ducks who like to waddle back and forth on the back porch quacking until I turn the water on so their kiddie pool will fill up and my favorite sound of all, the pitter patter of 12 running paws chasing each other on the wood floors with an occasional BANG into the wall as they slide into a pile…now THAT makes it all worth while!

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