Chick Chick and JR (wrote on Oct 15th 2013)

I noticed my beloved old hen, Chick Chick, was out today in the yard and following close behind her was chick-chick jr. I watched them for awhile, the older red hen walking around, taking JR  to all the favorite spots she loves including me! The young hen went everywhere the old one went. It’s almost like Chick-Chick #1 was showing #2 all the places to visit. I wonder…was she showing her replacement a new way to live apart from the other chickens? It felt like she was showing her it’s okay to act ‘human’. Does my beloved chicken know her time is going to be up soon? I believe she is making sure that I have another special hen to love and share my mornings with before she passes from this world to that Big Farm in the sky where she can have all the Special K cereal she desires whenever she wants!

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