Rain equals wet animals (wrote on Oct 17, 2013)

Yuck…it’s raining and its COLD…which means I run to the barn to find 2 wet horses, 3 soaked Llamas, 2 dry goats (cause they refuse to go anywhere near water), 1 donkey standing in the rain staring at the house and many chickens huddled together in the corner…waiting for me, their feed bag to cater to all their needs, wants and desires! Two or more will rub their wet smelly bodies against my legs, one will surely push me from behind to get to the hay before anyone else does and the goats will circle around me like a spinning top until I feed them…twice. And then there’s the ducks, who will be perfectly happy cause it’s raining and they have found every mud puddle in the yard so they can ‘play lake’!

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