Chick Chicks replacement (wrote Oct 1st 2013)

My beloved hen is getting old and hardly comes out of the barn now. She still ‘purrs’ at me when I come to feed her and lets me hold her close. I’ve noticed that one of the new red hens has separated herself from the other chickens and has made her home in the garage.  The last of couple of weeks when I come out of the house to eat my cereal on the swing, she comes up and watches me with her little head cocked making soft clucking sounds. She is also starting to come when I call her just like chick chick does. Today, the new hen sat with me on the swing and tried to steal my cereal just like the old one did!  She is letting me pet her now. I wonder, did the Lord give me a new hen to love and spend time with since the original chick chick is too old to greet me now?  He knows how important chick chick is to me and that I enjoy spending my mornings with her. I believe He has put a human heart in this little red hen just like he did with chick chick so many years ago.


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