Free stuff?

I swear, I always have the strangest stuff happen to me when I’m out and about. Like on Tuesday when I got lost in a parking lot and I had the nice lady in the office building I was trying to find, guide me back to her building.

Today, I went to McDonald’s and ordered a large coke. Everything was normal as I was having a nice conversation with the cheerful female voice coming out from the little black box that was trying to encourage me to buy a sandwich that I’m not hungry for with its clever advertising that automatically makes one hungry to consume 500 calories with every greasy bite! Anyhoo…we finally agree upon a great price of $1.00 for a large coke and I drive up to the window for a ‘meet-n-greet’ with the smiling face behind the box.

Now it gets kinda weird.

The first thing she says is “If I told you we were out of coke and you ordered a Dr Pepper and I said we were out of that too, and you ordered something else, and everything you ordered I said we were out of…would you be mad?” My response, a dumbfounded blank stare!

Am I on Candid Camera? Did I slip into the Twilight Zone again? Did I inhale too much of that fresh green hay in the barn before I left?
Is this a trick question? And, if I answer it right, do I get free stuff for the rest of my life? Or, do inquiring minds really want to know??

So I looked at her for a few seconds, shook my head cartoon style and came up with the following clever answer.

“Not if everything I just ordered was given to me for free!”

She laughed, I smiled, she handed me the receipt that offered me a FREE sandwich if I took the survey, and off to find swans I went!

By George, I am now resolved to get my free 500 calorie per bite sandwich within the stated 30 day time period!! A receipt for nothing purchased leading to a free Whopper only cost an awkward exchange and a smile. 🍔


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