Mornings with chickens!

My morning chuckle…

I swear it’s a non stop comedy act over here!

We have a group of chickens that refuse to stay in the barn because for some strange unusual reason, they think they’re real birds and roost waaaaay up in our Pine tree every night…, rain, snow, blizzard, high winds (which is fun to watch with them swaying back and forth doing their trapeze act), hot blazing sun…they’re up there hanging on!
Well, early this morning they were all camped in front of the back door looking up at the window waiting for someone to come out and feed them…I informed Chad that it was a perfect time to chase those feathered rebels with a net and throw them in jail…or the chicken coop. He always looks at me like I’m the nuttest person he has ever met as he stands there in his suit and tie, dress shoes, briefcase in one hand and a steamy cup of coffee in the other that me…his loving wife made just for him! I pleaded my case that now is a perfect time with them huddled in one spot and if he has to run after them through the snow drifts, they won’t get far because they’re stupid chickens that can’t fly away or barrel through a 10 foot high snow drift like S.S. DESTROYER Remi when she thinks food just walked through the gate!
He refused.
Anyhoo…my hubby left for work out the front door avoiding the starving beak gang and poop that is now all over my back porch. After I waved goodbye and blew him kisses that he ignored, I went back to see if those dingbats were still clucking on my porch. Yep and a couple more joined them.
As I was watching those chickens outside my door clucking, staring at me with a cocked head, Bitty Boy2 came to the back door, put his nose in the crack and was pushing at it. He was meowing up a storm to go out so I thought to myself…this should be good…he has to go through those chickens to get to the yard.
I grabbed the handle, I looked outside once more so the chickens could see me…which they did so they gathered closer to the door.
I asked the now bouncing cat if he was ready, counted to three, and flung open the door! That cat wasn’t excepting 6 chickens and those bird brains weren’t expecting a feline…a birds worse enemy to come flying out the door! It was great! Oh how I wish I filmed it!
That cat shot out the door like a bowling ball and knocked those feathered rolling pins over and to the side! All I saw was striped cat fur, brown wings flapping and chicken feet!! They all rolled around for about 3 seconds until they got their bearings. Bitty Boy landed on his feet, the chickens knocked into each other as they squawked and flapped in confusion and me, the bad mommy had a good laugh!
Yep, its gonna be a good day!!


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