Watering mother’s fake flower’s

Fun with mother

I went to show off Baby Jeep to my mother. She oooohed and ahhhhhhed over it as I lovenly patted the Jeeps hood like a proud new parent. I took mom for a spin which was almost as exciting as Mr Toads Wild Ride at Disney World! I got her safely home after her adventure, got her settled in her comfy chair, made sure she had everything she could possibly need within arms reach, kissed her goodbye then quickly headed for the door before she thought of something for me to do that would keep me there for the next 4 weeks. On my way out she asked me to please water her flower’s next to the porch…I almost made it. So I get out the watering can, fill it to the point its splashing over the edge, went outside to water her beloved plant only to find silk flowers surrounded by curled up brown leaves and stems in a plastic green pot. I stood there scratching my head, looking around to see if I’m missing something. I go back inside to ask mother where are the flowers she’s talking about. She answered, ‘the pretty peach ones next to the porch, how could I have possibly missed them?’
I go back out to search for the fathom peach colored flowers only to see those goofy silk flowers in a worn out pot with other use-to-be-alive-wilted-plants that are now 99.9% dead.
Again I scratch my head that doesn’t itch, firmly telling myself that this can’t be the flowers she’s talking about when a loud annoyed voice behind me startled me out of my confusion. It said, “dont just stand there staring at my flowers, water them!” I looked at my mother, blinked a couple of times trying to think of a good come back. But the only words that would slip out was, “the fake flowers sticking out of the dead ones?? You’ve got to be kidding!”
Mother quickly replied that they’re not all dead, and the fake ones help to make them look pretty!
So, like a good obedient child, I stood outside, in public, at high noon and watered mothers fake flower’s as her neighbors drove past waving.


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