Dancing in the store!

So, I took mother shopping today in MC. She couldn’t shop in LP…nooooo…she had to go the Al’s over there (which I admit is pretty darn nice), to Meijer’s, and Lowes, then have lunch at Carlson’s for thier famous slaw dogs. We shopped at Lowes without incident, got lunch then proceeded to Al’s where I lost her within 5.9 seconds. Thus began the search for the little old lady who walks slower than a snail that seemed to disappear in the twilight zone of aged shoppers. As I moseyed on over to the shampoo aisle to see if there was anything new or exciting that you can’t get anywhere else, a fun song came on blasting down on me from the ceiling speaker. Well, as you all have figured out by now, I’m not your normal, boring, get it over with shopper. So I start snapping my fingers, doing a little side step to the beat when a young man employee
came around the corner and stood there wide eyed watching this crazy lady with a llama purse hanging on her arm movimg and a grooving, dancing for an audience of one! I stopped, gave him a shy I-just-got-caught-being-a-goof smile and went around the corner to continue my dance (after all, I couldn’t let this great beat go to waste!) I then noticed that my annoying cart that, of course, noisily clicked and shook every couple of feet, seemed to be in step with the beat too! So, what does Nancy do? She dances with her new dance partner cart, of course! Up and down the shampoo, soap, toothpaste aisle we shimmied, only to find the young man peaking around the corners spying on this ‘must of just got out of the looney bin lady!’ The music paused as I walked past the young man who was pretending not not stare at me to see if mother found her way out of the twilight fog. I found her in the freezer section doing a little shake, humming to the music which had resumed. EUREKA! After all these years of silly shopping fun, I realized my “can’t act normal in a store” personality is actually from my mother! What a relief to know. 😀


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