Fun with mother!

Fun with mother

Yep, took mother shopping today. All went pretty good at Meijer’s…until we left. I made the mistake by following her out the door. She went to the only door in the whole dang store that doesn’t open! Yep, that’s right. She stood with her basket in front of the door that refused to open with me right behind her. And like lemmings, there were two more people behind me with carts chock full of groceries. Uh huh…4 people with carts lined up at a door that doesn’t open with mother in the lead! After about 30 seconds, she took her cane out of her wire basket, pointed it at the door and demanded that it open! It didn’t. I strained my neck to look past her as the people behind me groaned, tapping their feet, to see what the heck was wrong now. There was a big red and white sign that clearly stated that it didn’t work, ‘USE OTHER DOOR’! I said, “ummm mom, that door isn’t working!” She sharply turned around, narrowed her eyes and said through gritted teeth, “what do you mean it doesn’t work?? We came though the stupid thing!”
I pointed to the sign and informed her that it clearly states to ‘use other door!’ She looked at the sign, looked back at me and annoying asked me why didn’t I tell her that before we got stuck!
I rolled my eyes and told the folks behind us that we needed to use door number 3 because door number 1 is out of commission! It’s a good thing carts dont have back up sounds because the whole store would’ve heard 4 carts loudly beeping as we all tried to back up, turn around, go past each other and beat each other to door number one while mumbling about doors that don’t open!


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