Teenager Cat!

Bitty Boy is driving me crazy right now. He is in the annoying, wild, I’m going to do what I want, when I want teenager stage! It’s like he can’t sit still or leave anything alone! He hides behind corners, under tables, waiting…stalking anything that moves or floats past his line of vision! Most times I don’t see him coming! I try to walk from one room to another, peacefully minding my own business, usually with an arm load of laundry when I see out of the corner of my eye, this striped gray thing flying through the air…front legs stretched out, claws protruding from furry paws, an evil grin with twitching whiskers, an ear splitting screech warning me to drop everything and run before I have a ball of fur plastered to my leg that will be burning in pain from 12 tiny needles! Sometimes I get away, sometimes I don’t. I’ve had a couple of victories where I was able to jump aside and let him fly past me…which is great because as he is sailing past my now safe legs, he is squinting at me with a ‘your gonna pay for this’ glare as all four legs are flinging, desperately trying to find something, anything, to grab ahold of. I give him a grinning nod of ‘I rule, you drool’ look before he hits the wall along with a “HA”!
Bitty Boy gathers himself, shakes it off, then slinks to another corner where he can hide to wait for an easier target like Biscuit (he learned weeks ago the hard way, not to touch Chippie) or look for Misty Blue to pitter patter past him. If the other animals spot his glowing eyes, they take another route or turn around. But Bitty Boy is determined to attack anything that moves or doesn’t! I find him on top of curtains pawing at cob webs, hear him climbing up the back of my chair, see him sneaking around under tables, watch him pretend to be sleeping as one of the other animals tip toe past him, and best of all, go after Super Farmers plate of food so they can play the non stop ‘toss the cat away from dinner’ game!

Yep, he’s a handful right now.

But like all children, God made them adorable when they sleep so all our plans to give them away at the crack of dawn goes away as we gaze upon their tiny faces…of course, the sleeping precious face I’m gazing upon, has front paws that are twitching with claws going in and out as he dreams about my legs!


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