Scared of a what?

So, I’m standing at the back door waiting for Chaddie so we can leave for church. I’m doing my best mother impression by saying things like. “Are you ready? Can we please go? Where are you!! What’s taking you so long? Hello? Come on, we’re late…AGAIN!!”
As I’m going through every frustrated mother saying I’ve ever heard (along with a few of my own I made up), the back door flings open! The cold wind blows through the open door letting in swirling Fall leaves along with a dirt devil! I’m a bit startled so I don’t move. After the small tornado of leaves, twigs, feathers, dust and wind settles, I see a small, menacing black silhouette standing at the threshold. I shiver from the coolness that barreled it’s way inside and squint at whatever is blocking the door. Misty Blue runs past the thing, sprints between my legs startling me even more! I call out to my hero husband to come save me from the thing in the doorway! Chad comes running, throws himself between his true love and the danger that is sure to come to her if he doesn’t intervene!

He stands in front of me with his arms out like a mother does when a tiger is about to pounce upon her young! There we stood, him in a protective stance, me cowering behind his back…and what do we see? Remi! The stupid pig pushed the door open, complete with snout snot marks, and was standing there waiting for somebody to come feed her!
Chad turned and looked at me with a ‘are you serious? You screamed for protection from HER??!!’ look! I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Well, it could’ve been something really, really bad! How was I to know it was just YOUR pig!!”


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