Goat, pig, dog, turkey…oh boy

Okay, I’m not kidding…I had a few things to get out of the Jeep so I had the back door open leaning all the way in gathering things. I have an arm load of stuff when I feel a bump on the back of my legs. Its Sugar Baby the goat trying to push past me to jump inside. I shove him away from me determined not to let him pounce all over my breakable items I’m trying to get out! Well, he won’t move because the turkey strutted over to remind the goat that she doesn’t like him…at all, as a matter of fact, she’s despises him, he is not welcomed on her farm! So the goat is pressed up against my legs trying to get away from the angry turkey who is fluffed up 3 times her normal size to look big and mean, pecking at him…but he can’t go anywhere because all the commotion made Biscuit (who Sugar Baby is afraid of), come galloping over to see what the heck is going on! Now I’M stuck! I have Sugar Baby plastered to my legs, an angry turkey to the right of the door squawking at a frightened goat, and over excited Pitbull to the left of the door acting like a Mexican jumping bean! Really? The more I move to get away from the farm drama, the closer they come to me! Finally, I had had enough so I barreled my way past them all yelling out my famous crazy farmer lady yodel, while waving my arms with a couple of plastic bags! I safely made it to the porch, turned around and by george, they were still at it! But now the goat was inside my Jeep on the back seat watching the other two still squawking and jumping.
I rolled my eyes, turned to go inside the house only to practically trip over Remi, the not so mini pig! She was hungry, reminding me that it’s been almost a full 20 minutes since her last meal, which wasn’t hers to begin with…it was the chickens scratch grain that she vacuumed up before they could get any! Only me.


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