Remi the pig roots for old food.

I had to go outside and saw Remi Doodles at the side of the barn rooting away. Its raining and not one other animal is outside. Only the pig. I walked to the gate in the rain and yelled, “hey…what are you doing”!? She perked up, waddled her plump little body towards me, her tail wagging, and grunted at me. She had dirt, seeds, hay and other yucky things all around her little pig nose. Really? She mosedy on out into the rain and found dropped food next to the barn which I’m sure has been buried there since the 1940s, and dug it up so she could ‘pig away’! I pointed to the barn door and told her to go back inside, NOW! She snorted, happily wagged her tail, and trotted back to the barn. At least she mind’s well! Its going to be interesting this summer with Dunkay and Remi…the odd couple.


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