Power struggle with a potbelly pig

Chad and I had our daily ‘your pig, our pig’ conversation last night and of course, I won. So he went out to the barn to put her back to bed. I am pleased to say that he is now in a power struggle with a potbelly pig! She is determined to get out of her area and hang with the ‘big boys’, and chad is determined to be the ‘barn boss’ and keep her in her pen so the ‘big boys’ can sleep in peace, and not be more upset that they are sharing their home with swine! He put her inside her cozy home, lining the gate with 50lb bales, feeling pleased that THIS time she won’t get out as she rams her head into the hay trying to move it. My money is on the pig. She is smarter than the average bear and knows every inch of that pen and its weak spots. I’ve seen her push that gate up and go under to get out and to go back in. Yesterday Super Farmer was bragging about how he got her this time, that there was no possible way that a stubby potbelly was going to get out. Well guess who was at the gate for me waiting, wagging her tail today! Yep, you guessed it. Remi Doodles! It was almost comical seeing everything he piled in front of her gate laying in a heap. The bales were pushed to the side, the rabbit cage knocked down along with the pitch fork that was suppose to hold the gate close to the ground. The rope and bungee cord was off the pole hanging. So, me being the supportive, loving wife that I am, took a pic of HIS pig standing next to his destroyed barrier as she proudly stood there grinning and sent it to him with the caption, ‘pig, 1…super farmer, 0!
He responded in 4 seconds with 10 angry faces. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with tonight and how she destroys it by daybreak!

The pic is fuzzy because she won’t hold still.


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