Llamas and a pig

Well, we finally convinced the llamas that it is safe to share space with a pig and got them to come inside the barn. Of course promising them a cup or two of sweet grain always helps. We got them to walk past Remi with out a warning call from Lincoln, spitting from Violet or Sweetie, and no bucking from Sammie. They did however, push their way into the warm spot that Dunkay had already claimed for the long winter months, and shoved him out towards the pig who seemed to offer him a cozy spot with her. Dunkay doesn’t want to sit with a non-stop grunting, rooting, eats more than him animal that smells! So he barreled right between those llamas and took over the warm spot again. Remi, being the lady she is, offered the cozy spot inside her area to the llamas who looked at her pig pen with disgust mixed with horror and galloped out of the barn. That left me pointing my finger at the donkey as I lectured him about barn rules, Super Farmer holding two cups of tasty grain forming another plan, Dunkay in the warm spot swishing his rain in victory, Laci sleeping in the corner out of boredom, Dillon circling us Baaaaaaing because he hasn’t eaten for 10 minutes, and Remi? Well she’s happily snorting as she chases her tail.


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