Sbow day and a pig!

Woo hoo its snow day! I love the first snow fall! The llamas hate snow and they usally gallop towards the barn as the very first snow flake slowly swirls towards earth. This is how I imagined it was like early this morning…

Three llamas, one alpaca, out in the pasture nibbling up every blade of grass, brown and green, as they keep an eye on the clouds that are rolling in. As soon as a flake is spotted, Lincoln does his warning siren and they gallop towards the barn! But wait! There’s a pig inside there now and they hate pigs more than snow! Oh no!!! 3 llamas, 1 alpaca standing at the barn door as the snow starts to pile on their backs, hooves getting cold, flakes delicately balancing on their eye lashes! Go in? Stay out? Go in? Stay out? They take a vote on who’s going in to make sure that creature is penned up good and no where near the warm spot! The alpaca loses. Lincoln bravely inches inside as the other 3 huddle at the entrance, shivering with cold and fear of the creature that eats everything put in front of it. Remi Doodle looks up, sees a llama for the first time (all week she’s only seen them run past the door) greets her new family member with her stubby little black feet on the flimsy metal gate that keeps her from charging at the gang, with a loud snort, grunt and a sneeze! Lincoln screams out his warning cry again, his back up team that was encouraging him is long gone and Remi Doodle is prancing around her area making all kinds of cute piggy sounds!!! Yep…I’m sure it was just like that because the four ding bats are still outside staring at the warm, cozy barn filled with delicious hay…and that creature.


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