Chore day for Super Farmer!

I just gave Chad his too do list for the day. Gosh, I didn’t think was THAT bad! After all, I narrowed it down to…fill up the ducks green turtle sand box, empty the llamas water bin and refill it with fresh, clean spring water, chase the donkey out of the llamas pasture and back into his own, coax Dillon out of his house to make sure he’s eating, throw scratch grain to the chickens, pet the turkey…cause she needs a human touch everyday and I don’t feel like getting my hands dirty, have the chicken soup talk with the rooster…again, give Laci her pill (make sure Dunkay knows it’s medicine and not a treat so he doesn’t try to steal it), chase the kittens back into the house, throw some hay down from the loft, get the dogs out of the chicken coop, collect the eggs before they spoil, chase the donkey out of his area and back with the llamas so Laci can have some peace, and last of all, make sure that farm mama is happy…cause if mama ain’t happy…AIN’T NOBODY HAPPY!


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