Laci gets her feet trimmed!

Hoofman came today. Its the only time when all the animals big and small, play hide-in-seek. They know his truck by sight, sound, and smell. As soon as hoofman drove up, they scattered like cockroaches to their favorite hiding places. Laci ran to the large clump of bushes in the far back pasture which doesn’t do her any good because the llamas have eaten off every singles leaf up to 6 feet. Laci is about 3 feet. So she basicaly ran to hide in a bunch of sticks. Well, the mini horse hiding in the bare branches, was the only animal who had an appointment with hoofman. She saw us coming and wedge herslf between two small tree trunks trying to blend in. It didn’t work. We pulled her out and hoofman got to work. Laci decided she would try something new and laid down, trying to hide her feet. That too, did not work out for her. We rolled her onto her side, grabbed a hoof and started trimming. After a few minutes, Dunkay finally figured out that he wasn’t on the trim list so he trotted up to Laci to give her some moral support, or to make fun of her. I kinda felt bad for our little horse. She laid in defeat on her side while hoofman cleaned, trimmed and poked her hooves as Dunkay nibbled on her ear.


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