Morning adventure!

Let me tell you about my early, early, early, morning adventure. I’m in one of those deep sleeps when I hear the phone ringing. In my fog, I’m yelling at the rooster to be quiet or else. The noise stops and I roll over. Within seconds, the ringing starts up again. This time one eye pops open and I realize its my phone. My fog is now replaced with annoyance mixed with fear. I answer it and its Chad frantically telling me he’s turning around on the highway because he got a call that we have an escaped llama. I have to get up and chase something large down the road until be gets home. Now I’m awake. Have you ever seen a movie where the person is late for an important meeting and they’re jumping around half dressed trying to get a leg in, an arm in as they try to keep their balance while they’re on the phone? That was me. I’m hoping around with one eye open because the other one is still sleeping, on the phone with chad as he yells out instructions about what kind of grain to use, don’t take the Pitbull with you, make sure you close the gate first so the other llamas don’t take a stroll too, and god forbid if the donkey gets out!! If Dunkay gets out we are in big, big, big trouble he yells at me…he then goes down the list of what horrible things Dunkay could do if he was free to terrorize the neighbors! As I’m stumbling around, listening to chad, I’m also looking out the window taking a head count! What I’m really looking for is the donkey who I don’t see, which increases my anxiety by about 200%! Chad says he’ll be home in 15 min or so. 15??!! You know what kind of trouble those animals can get into in 15 minutes?! The whole barn can be in shambles in 4.9 seconds! So…I get out the door with the Pit because he was going with me or else, and I run, not walk, run to the front pasture doing a head count and calling Dunkay. All llamas are in the field eating. The donkey is nowhere in sight. So I run, not walk, run to the back pasture. I find Dillon the old goat and a few chickens. No donkey. So I run, not walk, run to the barn. There he is eating, swishing his tail back and forth in Laci’s face. He perks up because humans mean food. He runs, not walks, runs to me. I hold up my hand and say “stop, I have nothing for you”! He’s a smart boy and turns around to stand in front of Laci again so he can tease her with his swishing tail. I slowly walk back to the gate to find that the turkey who follows me everywhere, is chasing the Pitbull trying to peck him as all 4 llamas stand along the fence wanting to come out with me. I tell them “NO”, I’ve had enough excitement for one day already. I get to the house, I save the dog from our attack turkey and Chad pulls up. Yep, typical man. He gets there after the trouble is over. He jumps out of the car, runs, not walks, runs to the gate and does a head count. I’m mad at this point so I tell him, “gosh I couldn’t see Dunkay anywhere out there”! He panics and runs, not walks, runs to the barn. I snickered to myself and went back inside the house with my shaking Pitbull who was trying to stay away from the turkey…I’m going back to bed! Maybe chad can save the mini horse from the donkeys swishing tail.

PS…thank you to the concerned person who called chad because she thought we had an escapee. If we did, my story might of had a sad ending.


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